Zen Republic Wiki

Collector Verification

Holders of Zencyclopedia Vades will first get a collector's role in our thriving Discord server. Together with that, they will be able to flex their collection with a special /zencyclopedia slash command, which shows all held vades.

Fill The Book

In a WebGL version of Solar Panel you will be able to login with their Solana wallet and view the Zencyclopedia book. Flipping through pages of the book, you will see the Vades you have collected so far. As we progress in WebGL Solar Panel development, your collected Vades will have associated benefits, making them an important piece of the puzzle.

Support for Wildlife

We stand to support Africa's most vulnerable species by donating 100% of the revenue earned by royalties (commisions from secondary sales) to African Wildlife Foundation.That means not only us, but you too are taking a part in protecting wild animals by buying and selling Zencyclopedia Vades. Our initiative may not singlehandedly save the world, but hopefully it will shed light on the issue and help animals survive the changing climate and acts of violence from humans.

Citizen Service

We will introduce a gamified staking feature Citizen Service to WebGL Solar Panel soon, where Zen Fighter holders will be able take on some work, which will take time to complete and will give a $ZENY reward for completion. Most of the jobs will have certain Skill needed to complete the work efficiently.
By filling the whole Zencyclopedia page of either type of Vades and holding on to them, you become an expert of that field:
  • Full Page of Botanics - Herbologist
  • Full Page of Mushrums - Mycologist
  • Full Page of Animales - Zoologist
  • Full Page of Artifax - Archeologist
For each unique owned Vade, the job's duration will be reduced by 3%. By collecting the full page of Vades of a certain field, you become an expert and your Fighters will be able to complete that job a whopping 50% faster.
Additionally, if you collect the full chapter of Zencyclopedia (all pages of plants, mushrooms, animals and artifacts), you become a Vunderkind, and you are able to complete ANY job (even ones that don't require a skill) 60% faster, resulting in earning a lot more $ZENY.

Safari Zone

Gonna be announced later, but this will be epic.