đŸŒŋThe Team

Thomukas1 - Founder & Game Dev

Thomas is an award-winning VR game creator and a visionary with six years of experience building interactive, high quality VR content. He graduated Vilnius Tech university in 2020 with a B.Sc. in Computer Science, and soon after founded VR entertainment company Zen Republic.

He released his first game, a multiplayer VR escape room called Rodent People: Origins, in 2021, receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews and segments in various VR podcasts. The game has also been played by some of the most popular VR influencers in the world. As a lifelong gamer of various multiplayer games, Thomas is very passionate about the prospect of decentralized future of entertainment

DarknessPixie - Concept Art & Design

A self-taught digital artist working in video game industry, drawing for various NFT projects and video games - environmental art, game assests, concept art. Also a biologist and a geographer by nature.

Agnudurte - 3D Art & Animation

An experienced tech-savvy artist with previous background in IT and NFT projects. Years of experience creating 2D/3D, animation, vector art assets for visual branding.

Bare - Solana Mastermind


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