Every chapter of Zencyclopedia features 42 unique sightings of rare forms of life and archeological discoveries called Vades. A chapter is launched in a collection of 3160 Vades:

  • 14 Animals / 100 of each (Common)

  • 12 Plants / 80 of each (Uncommon)

  • 8 Mushrooms / 60 of each (Rare)

  • 8 Artifacts / 40 of each (Legendary)


Collector Verification

Holders of Zencyclopedia Vades have custom roles in our Discord server, giving them access to special collectors' channels for trading their Vades:

  • 1+ Vades collected - Vade Enjoyer

  • 8+ Vades collected - Vade Collector

  • 21+ Vades collected - Vade Specialist

*Note: Collector roles will be deleted when the Skill Badges will be released!

Specialized Gigs

In our Discord Server, There are some gigs only available for Zencyclopedia Vade holders. Read more in Headquarters

Interactive Collecting Experience with embedded xNFT

Holders who use Backpack as their wallet are able to view and read about their collected Vades by clicking on one of the Zencyclopedia NFTs and launching Zen Republic Library app!

Skill Badges

By collecting all Vades of a specific type, you are able to merge them into a Skill Badge. A full set of mushrooms, for example, will appear as collected if there's a mushroom badge among owned NFTs... And more importantly, later on Rubians will be able to apply a Skill Badge to acquire a Specialty, and set themselves apart from others!

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