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Rubians are the citizens of the Ruby Planet and the main NFT collection of Season 1. Ruby planet was destroyed by a Solar Flare, but 180 Rubians survived and now they are on a mission to bring their home to previous glory and resurrect fallen friends.

Current Utilities

  • Holder verification for exclusive channels in our Discord server
  • Daily meditation in our Discord server
  • NFT giveaways and airdrops
  • Early access to all new features in Zen Republic App

Coming Soon

  • Relaunch of Rubian collection with a supply of 720. Current holders will be able to Upgrade
  • Rubians specialties - synergy with Zencyclopedia
  • Access to Swipstars Training and Online modes
  • Trait swapping shop in Zen Republic App
  • Future upgrade to 3D VRM avatars
  • And more..