Rubians are the 720 citizens of the Ruby Planet and the main NFT collection of Zen Republic Season 1. With it, we are gathering creators, innovators and entertainers and, through the Rubian NFT, giving them power to entertain other Solana communities.

Our goal is to leave the stigma of ponzi-games behind, focus on utility NFTs can provide and make web3 fun for everyone!

Mint Price: 2.19 SOL

Minting Live: https://www.rubians.lol

What do Rubians do?

In short, Rubians are the managers of the games we design in Season 1. Those being Foresee The Game and Swipstars. Being an manager means being able to grant access to our games for any Solana NFT community by creating Game Clubs.

The management is not limited to NFT-gating collections to our games. Additionally, game clubs will be able to earn their own tokens through our in-game reward systems, organize tournaments for their communities, connect with other communities through championships and much more!

Pitch Deck: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/15sa6tirwKmZuesVeNY8OtCeIECEgPaezIMM0_EPc130/edit?usp=sharing

Who are Rubians For?

  • Rubians are for Project Founders who want to enhance their community culture with entertainment.

  • Rubians are for community managers who want to have an unique trick up their sleeve to keep the community buzzing

  • Rubians are for NFT holders who want to support their favorite community in a major way and earn some clout!


  • Holder verification in our Discord server (Done)

  • Daily meditation in our Discord server (Done)

  • Missions in our Discord server (Done)

  • Ruby Explore mini game in our Discord Server (Done)

  • xNFT upgrade with utility app

  • Specialty Upgrade with a Skill Badge

  • Game Club Management for our games in xNFT App


Q: How can I mint a Rubian?

A: To mint a Rubian, you first need to buy a buy a Mint Voucher through xNFT app: https://www.xnft.gg/app/GLouEKT5NZ1XR1fAkuTQZdaEG7kwBcWDd79kBnPQCov2 When you acquire a Mint Voucher, you can mint a Rubian within the app or through the mint site!

Q: Why so expensive?

Making games is a very expensive and time consuming process... If we raise less money, there's a bigger chance of running out of capital and failing on our vision! If you buy a Rubian, understand it's an investment, not a quick flip.

Q: What is an xNFT?

A: It's an extension for a Solana NFT, designed by Backpack wallet team. Essentially, it allows to add an executable app on top of an NFT. Rubians will be one of the first collections to have an app!

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