🧓Legacy Rubians

We started The Rubian collection as Zen Fighters: Rubians back in Summer of 2022. Those NFTs were supposed to be game characters in VR esports game Zen Fighters. We did manage to make the game, but the idea is still a little too futuristic, considering the very niche audience of VR+NFT fans.

We failed to sell out all 720 NFTs due to various reasons, but 180 were minted, which gave us a little bit of a runway to pivot to other things and find where we belong.

We spent a year building various fun things like gamified discord server, WebGL Zen Republic App, a couple of game demos and learning about the whole web3 industry in general. We were especially curious in how we could make web3 games that are not play-to-earn, as this was one of the curses haunting Zen Fighters in development process.

From the failed mint we promised to our holders that Rubians will one day be relaunched into a proper collection of 720 like we envisioned, right when we discover a proper innovative utility. Now the time has come!

The collection has been renamed to Zen Fighters (Legacy) and is still available to trade on secondary market, while only the historic value remains: https://magiceden.io/marketplace/zen_fighters

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