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Welcome to Zen Republic!

Hello there, we are happy to have you join our community of creators, builders and visionaries of the new world. Zen Republic is solar system made up of 7 planets, 4 of which are known to have intelligent life there. We are telling the story of them getting together and forming a spiritual interplanetary union of Zen Republic through games, utility NFTs and other immersive content.
Our mission is to build a community and create a virtual world for evangelists and forward thinkers from VR and NFT industries to innovate and push the new technologies into the mainstream, turn future into present.
We understand that life as we know it will become mostly virtual when we switch from browsing on the internet to world hopping in the Metaverse. We envision our brand as a leading social platform of the Metaverse, where the coolest creators hang, build and push the boundaries.
No Dull Moment in Zen Republic


Visit our website: https://www.zenrepublic.space
Join our gamified community: https://discord.gg/FHtdM78a3y
Follow news on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/ZenRepublicNDM

NFT Collections

Zencyclopedia Mint Site: https://zencyclopedia.vercel.app/

Games and Applications

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