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Zencyclopedia is the main book of knowledge and wisdom about life on Zen Republic's planets. Whenever a season with a new planet is introduced, a new chapter of Zencyclopedia is added - like a DLC collection of NFTs - which expands on the lore and shapes the world through introduction of that planet's flora, fauna and more...
By collecting the Vades and filling Zencyclopedia book, you are able to turn into a master in fields of Zoology, Herbology, Mycology, Archeology and even become a Vunderkind, which will be a huge benefit as our metasystem shapes further, alongside other benefits.
Holders of Zen Fighters NFTs are able to discover the Vades by exploring the planet and participating in various activities, so make sure to mint one now!​
Launching August 30th on Solana!
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