Zen Republic Wiki


The development process is fluid - we might scrap some features or add new ones, if we see it necessary. Any significant changes in the roadmap will be communicated to the community as early as possible.

Q1 2023

  • Swip characters and gear concepts
  • Game Pitch Deck
  • Tutorial level and target practice modes
  • Solana wallet integration
  • Swipstars Game Demo for our NFT holders

Q2 2023

  • Launch of base NFT Swips collection
  • Game Alpha available for Swips holders
  • Region-based casual matchmaking
  • Swip customization with NFT gear
  • Daily Battles to earn $ZENY

Q3 2023

  • Launch of NFT Swatches for current Swip holders
  • Ranked Mode and competitive matchmaking
  • Staking game mode
  • VR mode support in web browser
  • Swipstars fan hangout space in VR Chat

Q4 2023

  • Swipstars Open Beta available for everyone
  • Free play mode without owning Swips
  • Tournament Mode
  • Swipstars Mobile App Release
  • Start of Story Mode (weekly anime style chapters of dialogue and fights)