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All about Zen Republic's flagship game title Swipstars
Swipstars is a competitive 1v1 tabletop eSports game with a cult following and long history, invented by Rubian civilization. Rubians love to play this game while hanging out with fellow survivors in the Bunker, so most undergrounds bars and recreational spaces have Swipstars tables installed.
Players of Swipstars are identified by Swatches on their wrists, in which they hold their Swips - highly customizable digital companions used in battles with other swips. They come in various forms, colors and hairstyles as base, and they can be equipped with cosmetic parts (shoes, pants, arms, etc) which may provide certain stat buffs and associated debuffs for the Swip.
Example concept art of a Swip
Having found contact with planet Earth, Rubians are able to play online with humans, who control their swip digitally with keyboard and mouse, while Rubians use their hands (VR mode)


Gameplay is very simple to understand: Swips are facing each other on opposite sides of the table. The goal is to get opponent swip's health to 0 by shooting energy balls at them in straight, diagonal or curved shots. Swips have a certain energy capacity and they can restore it by going over randomly spawning energy sources. By hitting opponent's energy source, it gets destroyed, granting player a tactical advantage.
Multiplayer demo gameplay (definitely not final)
Though seemingly simple, Swipstars concept allows for a high level of added complexity and addictive gameplay with features like:
  • Temporary power-ups on the field
  • Swip gear for customizing the stats
  • Destroyable Obstacles
  • Supershots (Zencyclopedia Vades will play a part in this)


We are using the popular Unity3D engine to develop Swipstars. Currently, the game is planned to be played in a browser, but we are also looking at releasing both standalone and mobile app later down the road.
For networking, we are using state-of-the-art multiplayer solution in Photon Fusion. This networking layer is based on the same principles as one of the leading eSports games called Overwatch and supports client-side prediction and other cool features that make online competitive games possible and fair.
Swipstars is a blockchain-based game and we are using Solana blockchain for digital items due to its popularity, low gas fees and the fact that we already have NFTs and other services here. We are believers that blockchain gaming is the future of all multiplayer games


Bridge the gap between PC and VR platforms, have players play together with either device and introduce the new-gen genre of vSports (Virtual Reality sports), powered by NFT technology, allowing players to own and trade their NFT Swips and other in-game items.


Become a leader brand of collectable digital toys market in Web3 just like Beyblade, Bakugan and B-Daman are in Web2. Eventually, we want to bring this game into a physical form as an AR game with physical Swatches and specialized Swipstars tables, and have an anime made about the game, attracting younger generation to take interest in vSports and a new way of collecting.