Zen Republic Wiki

Twitter Sync

With Solar Panel, our citizens can verify their Twitter accounts by associating their handles with Discord account. By doing so, they become Crusaders. Here are some perks that come by being one:

Automated Engagement Reward System

Whenever we make a tweet from the official Zen Republic account, Crusaders receive a Discord notification so they are the first ones to know what's going on. Not only that, but for liking and retweeting that post, crusaders automatically receive $SRAY.

Automated Raiding System

If we want to make a name for ourselves and have others know about Zen Republic, we have to raid together! Crusaders are notified everytime a new raid is created, leading to the link of a tweet. By writing a comment that contains @ZenRepublicNDM tag in it, they automatically receive some$SRAY after the raid is over. To make it more fun, one random crusader gets double reward!