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Solar Bank

Solar Bank allows Discord citizens to sync up their account with a Solana wallet by just entering their wallet's address down, thus making them eligible to receive both centralized and crypto prizes and rewards.

Get Started

If you don't have a Solana wallet, you must first create it. We recommend Phantom: https://phantom.app/ Once you have created a Solana wallet, you will be able to open your Solar Bank account by entering the wallet address (public key). Don't worry about safety - by only knowing your Public key, we can only send you Tokens and NFTs and not take it from you. Make sure to never share your private key with anyone.



Our decentralized utility currency, built on Solana Blockchain, with supply of 75M. It is used for transactions inside Zen Republic App. As with any cryptocurrency, you will be able to send whatever amount you wish to your friend. We do not plan on putting $ZENY coins to a public exchange anytime soon, but you can list and buy them from the FFF market!


Sunray tokens, or $SRAY for short, is centralized inflationary currency used primarily in our Discord server., which citizens can earn for various things like solving riddles, joining raids, playing games, etc... By keeping this token centralized, we allow citizens to not only earn, but also spend it or tip a fellow citizen without leaving Discord or signing messages with their wallet.


Blessings are a special type of currency, which is very rare to acquire: citizens either need to get lucky on Daily Meditation, The Fountain, or be manually blessed by one of the Zen Pai for some important deed they have done. Blessings are used to buy NFTs of various projects from the Poly Printer. Blessings are also a centralized currency, only available in our Discord server.

Convert from $SRAY to $ZENY

Using Solar Bank system inside Zen Republic server, citizens are able to convert from $SRAY tokens to $ZENY crypto coins with conversion rate of 1-to-1. Citizens can convert tokens at any time by paying associated fees:
  • 5% Commision Fee: this is a necessary evil, applied in order to maintain inflation rate
  • 10 $SRAY Transaction Fee: We are the ones paying the gas fee of convert transactions, so by applying a transaction fee of some $SRAY we want to encourage converting large sums of$SRAY to minimize number of transactions. Note: holders of Zen Fighters NFTs do not need to pay the transaction fee!
At this time, our backend solution to converting tokens is very clunky, so for the time being we have added a minimum amount threshold of 100 $SRAY.

Public Commands List

When a citizen has their account opened, they can use the following slash commands anywhere in the server:
/account : shows your account data: wallet address, $SRAY, $ZENY and blessings
/tip <user> <amount> : Show gratitude for a good deed by tipping another citizen with either 5, 10 or 15 $SRAY