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Ruby Explore

A generative-adventure minigame built 100% on Discord
As the Ruby planet was destroyed by The Great Solar Flare, it is up to the survivors to venture outside to look for valuable things, which can help restore Ruby Planet quicker. They need to rent out hoverboards and head out to explore the planet for remnants of technology and scrap metal, for which they are rewarded:
is worth 1 $SRAY
is worth 2 $SRAY
is worth 3 $SRAY
is worth 5 $SRAY
Additionally, there are some Special items, which turn exploration into a spiritual, truth-seeking adventure:
🔺(Ruby Shard) - by collecting 3 Ruby Shards in one exploration, they materialize into a Ruby Vade Voucher. Read more about them here
🏺(Relic) - a mysterious vase, which may contain some $SRAY or even a Ruby Shard!
🕌 (Holy Palace) - a place for adventurers to rest and meditate...