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Learn about Solar Panel and its importance to Zen Republic
Solar Panel is the link between web2 world of Earth and web3 Metasystem of Zen Republic in a form of a Discord bot. It enriches the experience of our discord server with various gamification, and role-playing elements. Current Features include:
  • Syncing Solana wallet with Discord account
  • Syncing Twitter Account for automated like/retweet awards
  • Automated Twitter Raid System
  • Centralized in-server currency $SRAY
  • Transactions of SOL and any SPL Token
  • Converting Centralized $SRAY Into Crypto tokens$ZENY
  • NFT Shop Poly Printer
  • Generative adventure minigame Ruby Explore
  • Time-based missions with $SRAY rewards
  • And much more...
Join our Discord community and immerse yourself into Zen Republic Metasystem! https://discord.gg/FHtdM78a3y