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The vision is grand and to make it a reality we will be focusing on one Season (one planet) at a time. Whenever a season starts, we will be implementing features promised for that season. Once all the features are implemented and working, we will be moving on to the following season and so on until the end of time!
The development process is fluid and we might scrap some roadmap features or add new ones, if we see it necessary. Any significant changes in the roadmap will be communicated to the community as early as possible.

Season 1 - Ruby

In Season 1 of Zen Republic, Ruby planet with 720 Rubians is introduced. Rubians have fully decentralized their economy and optimized work out of their life, so they started focusing on recreational activities. Unfortunately, civilization in planet Ruby was destroyed by The Great Solar Flare, and 180 surviving Rubians, who at a time were sheltering in a bunker, need to unite and work to rebuild the planet to its former glory.
  • Rubian Staking (Daily Meditation)
  • NFT Shop in Discord
  • Develop 3D environment of Rubian Bunker for VR chat
  • Launch of Zencyclopedia - DLC NFT collection
  • Solar Panel as WebGL app
  • Gamified Staking Program (Citizen Service)
  • Relaunch of 720 Rubians as 3D avatars

Season 2 - Topaz

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