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The Retreat

The main place to relax in the whole Ruby planet.


Before the great armistice of 1468 the Retreat was a back water fuel depot for the Rubian guard. After the army gave up their vast array of weapons a huge population of ex-military personnel decided to leave their military bases and try civilian life.


Some “retreaters” fondly joke about their ancestors laziness. Modern historians find some truth in it too. About half of the ex-military personnel settled in other regions like the Hub or the Foundation. But the future “retreaters” only managed to travel a few miles outside the military base to a back water refueling station. Even the name “The Retreat” is based on an old war propaganda slogan “No Retreat only Victory” that was hanging on the entrance to the refueling base. It still can be found in a local history museum as a part of an exhibition on local history.


Despite being known as the laziest of the Rubian nation, the “retreaters” have built a grand resort for their own and their fellow rubian pleasure. Reused military slabs and scrap metal became the base for a luxurious resort full of indoor day clubs and night time outdoor leisure spaces. Every grand plaza opens its ceiling to show the locals the wondrous night sky. And all the water fountains flow with various Zen energy drink flavors. Day time parties and night time star gazing is a must if you plan to visit this party capital of the Ruby planet.

Traditional attire

The locals dress… Well, they don't dress a lot. Their clothes are loose and revealing. Locals usually go for a pool party look and the tourists go for a more fancy party ensemble.


Despite all the hedonistic ways of living in this pleasure paradise there is one very important institution in “The Retreat”. It's the grand observatory of the Rubian university of all known sciences, that's R.U.A.K.S. or RUAX for short. Many hard partying Rubians need to relax and the most common way of unwinding, a simple stargazing session led to many scientific career starters. Old Rubian proverb proudly declares “The Retreat scientists party the most”.