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The Hub

If you know a rubian that can help you on getting an edge on anything you fancy to do in life, then nine times out of ten it will be a city 3 dweller.


The Hub was the biggest dwelling long before the times of silent friendship. Before the ecological catastrophe it was a port town and now it's a spaceport megapolis. Huge skyscrapers with impossibly bending structures are tangled into one big hive where you can live all your life without seeing any daylight. Corridors connect buildings like streets. Elevators and cable cars carry thousands of citizens to their locations. All major companies have their headquarters here. All but the most avant-garde artists start their journey here.
Some of the most known districts are: The unsafe- Space docks, the studios- Ruby academy of science, the wondrous- Blue quarters and the mercantile- Headquarters.


There is a saying in rubian cultural circles. ”If you are from the Hub, you are from nowhere. “ To classify the “Hubians” would be as classifying grains of sand in the Chali desert. Sure they are all bright red from afar, but once you look closer, every speck is a product of thousands of years of erosion and has vastly different stories to tell. One came from a prehistoric statue of a god and the other was a river pebble that saw the evaporation of all the water from the face of Ruby.
Conclusion: the Hub has as much diversity as the rest of the Ruby planet. Art gallery districts are full of sophisticated rubians. Lower levels are full of youngsters that ride their hoverboards and have a totally different view on art. Their spray painted walls always give charm to local ramen shops where native AI engineers gather to show off their inventions.