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The Great desert of Chali

The sand surfer's favorite place to "hang" that is full of diverse life forms.


The great desert of Chali is more a region then a settlement. It starts near the rock archipelago and spreads all the way to the Great plain. Sand dunes are constantly shifting. A huge sand “mountain” can crumble in a week. And a vast valley of bedrock can open in a few days. Rubian geologists are still trying to understand this phenomena, but no one answer is for sure. This was the reason that the ancient ex-capital city of Ruby was lost. This buried city is the holy grail for any local archaeologist.

Lost city of Ruby

Some time around the rule of the Ember emirs the city was evacuated. Historians still argue about the tragedy that made a huge powerful nation abandon their capital. The only clue is a fragment of a tablet letter asking for a military aid to help the local emir to fight “the travelers”. Who were “the travelers” is lost to history.


Although Chali desert heat is almost as high as in the Firebowl the fact that it is a dry heat and not the damp one makes all the difference. That's why the Cahli desert is one of the more life-friendly regions on Ruby. Although the rubians wouldn't survive a day outside without a moisturizing suit, the local wildlife is a totally different story. Many local wildlife evolved into water-preserving efficient survivors. From the fierce rubian scorpios to the cute echo chasers the Chali desert is full of life. In the year 2218 vast parts of the desert were declared a nature reserve.


The population mainly lives in separate hovering capsule campers that are always parked at the windiest dune spots you can find. These nomadic people usually work online during the day and sand surf during the night. Locals usually dress "sportish" and have a lot of outdoor gear on themselves.


Every year during the alignment of all the Zen Republic planets, all local desert nomads gather in one place to have a huge desert party. Although a beautiful tradition it also works as a perfect showroom for all the Rubian companies that want to promote their more sport merchandise like hoverboards and AR glasses for outdoor navigation.
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