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The Firebowl

The mostly empty capital of Planet Ruby that is full of the most competitive suburbians in the known galaxy.


Long ago this region was known only as the Balas rubies. The name Firebowl was once a nickname, now recognized as the official name for a region on top of the north cap of planet Ruby. During the ecological catastrophe it was the mildest and most stable part on the whole planet. That was the reason it slowly became the planetary cultural and political capital for the whole planet.
After the Helio Wars, General Chat the 3rd dismantled all the weapons and army infrastructure. It was a big blow for The Firebowl. Most of the rubian military and war industrial complexes were situated there. After closure the population was eager to find purpose in life. Many of them left and founded The Retreat, while the rest of them settled all around Ruby


Now The Firebowl is known for two things. Either calm suburban life in closed and conditioned houses or vast regions of abandoned factory buildings where the best rave parties are held.
All but the most abandoned buildings are air conditioned. That is why The Firebowl is the best place to find an abandoned warehouse to have the biggest party ever. Usually parties last 42 days which is considered a holy number in rubian society. No party is the same. Each of them have a different theme. The best known one is the aquatic-themed Rain party that is held at the national event-palace which is rumored to be the first party to reach the 42 years time limit. Currently it is on its 21 year.
The more tame suburban rubians are not as boring as our earth counterparts. Yes they have barbecues and pool parties. But they take leisure to the next level. Everything is a competition to them. Best lemonade maker, best sand shuffler, the best drone fliers are just a handful of titles you can win every week there. The whole community looks at suburban life like a sport. Yard games, AI recreational programming and even music competitions get hundreds of applications every week.

Capital city

The only other feature of The Firebowl is that it is the seat of the government. This “ship” is managed by a skeleton crew. The non-existing lack of energy in planet Ruby made the government people a very decentralized bunch.
“Some work hard, some party hard, but we live hard”
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