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Now the planet is basically a Red desert with high tech cities and leisure spaces. But it wasn't always like this.

Rubian race

The most unique trait of the rubian race is that for a very long time they had two planets to call their home. Which was the original nobody knows. Some palaeontologists suggest that there were two races at one point and later on became one. How was that possible without interplanetary travel is still a mystery.

Ruby and Garnet

Twin planets were called Ruby and Garnet. Together they were named “The Eyes of the Sky '' by the sapphire people. That's how these distant planets looked to them. Every morning just before dawn the twin planets would rise and look as two red eyes watching them from above. During the great tragedy of the year 1343 one of the planets disappeared.
Astro-archaeologists and geologists say it might have travelled to the distant Solar system. It is suspected that it would have caused large gravitational waves all around its "new" home system.

Ecological catastrophe

Both planets were once identical. Why? No one knows. Maybe on purpose. Red sand and various shades of purple waters used to collide with scarlet forests.
Due to large-scale technological impact of an early industrialisation and proximity to their sun, both planets began to feel the dangers of climate change. Even after the tragedy of 1343 , when the rest of the surviving society began to appreciate their only surviving planet more, it was too late. Although nature was not saved, the technology made living in post ecological tragedy very comfortable. The major Redtech revolution began. Giant hydroponic farms, solar panels and wind energy powered the rubian society so efficiently that people had so much free time that a chill leisure culture became "the norm" all around the planet.

The Great Solar Flare

A solar flare of unprecedented magnitude destroyed everything built above ground. The only surviving Rubians were hiding at the bunker in The Great Desert of Chali. It is up to them to return Ruby planet to its former glory by rebuilding the cities and ressurecting the fallen Rubians from their remaining DNA.