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Misc Features

Tri-Voting (Holder-Only)

Tri-Voting is a custom poll feature, using which our NFT holders can determine things and the direction we should take, something like DAO, except citizens only have 1 vote each, independent on how many NFTs they own, at least for now. The 2 biggest things that separates Tri-Voting poll from any other polling system are the following:
  1. 1.
    There always are 3 options to choose from. Not more, not less
  2. 2.
    Citizens can choose to vote on all 3 options by adding a reaction. If they only like a certain option, they will only add a reaction to it. If they are neutral, they might vote on all 3 options. And if a citizen feels strongly against one of the options, they may vote for 2 other options.

Solid Roll

With command /roll citizens can roll any type of Platonic Solid (D&D dice). We use this feature to add bonus $SRAY rewards or to determine who wins some giveaway. Below is the explanation for the available solids:
  • Tetrahydron(Tetra) - 4 sided dice
  • Hexahedron(Hexa) - 6 sided dice
  • Octahedron(Octa) - 8 sided dice
  • Dodecahedron(Dodeca) - 12 sided dice
  • Icosahedron(Icosa) - 20 sided dice

Dicey Raffle

Dicey Raffle is our custom discord giveaway system, but with a little twist: an entrance fee of some $SRAY must be paid to enter it. The prizes of Dicey Raffle giveaways can range from whitelists, to NFTs to $SOLand more!
By adding entrance fee to our raffles, we make sure that those who enter really want that prize and will not forget to redeem it when they win.