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Every chapter of Zencyclopedia features 42 unique sightings of rare forms of life and archeological discoveries called Vades. A chapter is launched in a collection of 3000 Vades:
  • 12 Plants / 100 sets (Common)
  • 8 Mushrooms / 80 sets (Uncommon)
  • 14 Animals / 60 sets (Rare)
  • 8 Artifacts / 40 sets (Legendary)
Vade Maneko

How To Collect Vades?

There will be 3 ways of acquiring Zencyclopedia Vades:

Buying from the Web Store

The most straightforward way will be to mint an Vade from our storefront (to be announced). There will be no whitelist, simply buy one if there are still any in stock. A Vade you receive will be a random one.
Acquiring a Vade Voucher
There will be a chance of acquiring a Ruby Vade Voucher, using which citizens will be able to mint a free Vade in the Web Store, burning the voucher in the process.
NOTE: Those who hold a Zen Fighters NFT during the launch Vade Vouchers will be airdropped one voucher for each NFT being held, guaranteeing a free Vade on collection launch.

Exploring The Planet

Holders of Zen Fighters NFTs have access to Ruby Explore minigame inside Discord. While exploring, citizens will be able to find Vade Samples, make a science breakthrough and be awarded with a Vade of that science's type straight to their wallets. Find more info about it here.
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