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Every chapter of Zencyclopedia features 42 unique sightings of rare forms of life and archeological discoveries called Vades. A chapter is launched in a collection of 3000 Vades:
  • 14 Animals / 100 of each (Common)
  • 12 Plants / 80 of each (Uncommon)
  • 8 Mushrooms / 60 of each (Rare)
  • 8 Artifacts / 40 of each (Legendary)
Vade Maneko
42 unique Zencyclopedia Vades


Collector Verification

Holders of Zencyclopedia Vades have custom roles in our Discord server, giving them access to special collectors' channels for trading their Vades:
  • 1+ Vades collected - Vade Enjoyer
  • 8+ Vades collected - Vade Collector
  • 21+ Vades collected - Vade Specialist

Interactive Collecting in Solar Panel App

In our Solar Panel Web app, you can login with your Solana wallet and view the sacred Zencyclopedia book. Flipping through pages of the book, you will see the Vades you have collected so far in a cool and interactive way!

Support for Wildlife

We stand to support Africa's most vulnerable species by donating 15% of all primary sales to African Wildlife Foundation after selling out.That means not only us, but you too are taking a part in protecting wild animals by buying Zencyclopedia Vades. Our initiative may not singlehandedly save the world, but hopefully it will shed light on the issue and help animals survive the changing climate and acts of violence from humans.