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Taeru Tower Game
Taeru Tower is a real-time multiplayer marble game simulation, which allows citizens to use their NFTs from Zen Republic metasystem and other Solana collections as Marballs, falling down the unforgiving tower and trying to survive its cruel challenges. It is a fun way of getting a community together to share a moment and root for their own Marballs to reach the finish line and win a prize!
This game is a key feature of Solar Panel Web3 app.

Game Rules

Every Taeru Tower game is based around a Solana NFT collection. Users can join any ongoing game either as players or spectators, provided they have at least one NFT of the collection chosen for that game instance. When joined, all the held NFTs of that collection get visualized as Marballs, who appear in the top level of the tower. Players can distinguish their own Marballs by a particle effect around it, only visible to them.
When the host starts the game, Marballs start falling from the top of the tower down to a floor below. Each floor has a design of static and dynamic shapes and other things that move around. The goal for the Marballs is to fall into a green zone using only physics and luck and pass the level. The last Marball to enter the green zone is eliminated, and the next level begins with one fewer Marballs.
The game ends when only 1 Marball (or however many winners have been set by the host) remains alive, having survived the Taeru Tower and they receive a prize from the host.
There will be interactive elements introduced to keep the players on the edge of their seats and focused on the gameplay, but at the moment this game is essentially a more intriguing and entertaining way to host a giveaway for the community.
If you are an owner or team member of a Solana project, you can read about how to apply to have your collection verified and selectable in Taeru Tower game here​

Hosting a Game

Anyone with a Zen Fighters: Rubians NFT in their wallet can host a game of Taeru Tower at any time they want. Later on, we will allow those without a Rubian to also be able to host games, but it will cost some $ZENY to do so.
The host of the Taeru Tower game can set the following configurations before starting the game:
  • Max amount of players in game instance
  • Max total Marballs
  • Max amount of Marballs per player
  • Amount of Winners
  • Prize in SOL to be split among winners.
The host is responsible for sending the prizes to the winners right when the game ends.

Tower Guard

To make things more spicy, there are by default 12 Tower Guard Marballs among the players whose mission is to outlive other players, take the rewards and bring them to Zen Republic treasury muahahaha! In other words, this is our monetization model
The host, however, can bribe the Tower Guard before starting the game. They can decrease the amount of Guards from 12 all the way to 0, paying them off with exponentially scaling amount of $ZENY:
  • 12 Tower Guard --> 0 $ZENY
  • 11 Tower Guard --> 10 $ZENY
  • 10 Tower Guard --> 25 $ZENY
  • 9 Tower Guard --> 45 $ZENY
  • And so on...
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