Zen Republic Wiki

Poly Printer

Poly Printer is a highly advanced printing device which prints web3 matter. It offers a unique feature of buying NFTs of various Solana projects using blessings without leaving Discord.

How to get Blessings?

  • If you hold Rubians NFTs, there is a chance of getting a blessing from Daily Meditation
  • Offering at The Fountain may please Zen Pai and you shall get blessed
  • Doing an awesome deed that spreads the word about Zen Republic and being recognized for it by Zen Pai

Poly Sweep Battles

Every Wednesday, we host Poly Sweep Battles on Twitter, during which we put 3 unassuming Solana projects head to head to raid our post for 12 hours. The strongest community with the most comments under the post wins and we buy out some NFTs from their floor.
The losing contestants have a chance to win next week, but if they lose two times in a row, they are eliminated and switched with a new ambitious project!

Your NFTs in the Poly Printer!

Would you like to have some NFTs from your Solana collection appear in our Poly Printer? This is a great way to promote your project or art to a high quality community and have diamondhands take hold of them, and not some random raffle winners. Please fill out the application and we will reach out to you if we accept your NFTs. https://airtable.com/shrbT1pZjky5twdDL