Zen Republic Wiki
Earn $SRAY
There are multiple ways to earn zennies in our Discord server by being active, creative and/or holder of Zen Republic NFTs. Please note that to be eligible to earn $SRAY, citizens must first open up their Solar Bank account

Daily Meditation (Holder-Only)

All civilizations in Zen Republic are very keen on learning the truths of the spiritual world. Every 24 hours, you can send your Rubians to meditate, and each one of them will conjure 10-20 $SRAY out of thin air during it, with additional multiplier added for Rubians with Divinity attributes as follows:
  • Indigo Divinity: 1.3x
  • Cursed Divinity: 1.5x
  • Crystal Divinity: 2x
  • Rainbow Divinity: 3x
Additionally to the $SRAY, Rubians devotion may be noticed by the Zen Pai and they will randomly reward you with a Blessing. The more Rubians you send for a meditation, the higher your chance is for getting a lucky blessing.

The Fountain

The Fountain is a sacred place in an old shrine based in The Retreat, where citizens come to offer some of their $SRAY in good faith, to please the Zen Pai. Sometimes, a miracle occurs and a citizen can get something in return for their humble offering:
  • a large chunk of $SRAY, depending on the current size of the fund accumulated by combined offerings of all citizens. 50% of each offering goes to the fund, while the rest is sent to the treasury.
  • A lucky blessing

Creator Program

To incentivize creativity and passion for learning amongst our citizens, we have developed the Creator Program. By drawing inspiration from Zen Republic Lore, we encourage our community to make any form of art (drawing, video, animation, meme or anything else) and in return build your following and earn $SRAY. Here are the steps to how the Creator Program works:
  1. 1.
    Post your creation on your personal Twitter feed and tag us @ZenRepublicNDM​
  2. 2.
    Fill in the form in our Discord server (title, description of the creation and link to your twitter post). When you fill it, an embedded message will automatically be created
  3. 3.
    For 24 hours other citizens will be able to react on your creation. After the voting period ends, you will automatically receive 5 $SRAY for every reaction on your creation!

Encoded Treasures

To have a strong soul, both body and mind must be excercised. Our way of excercising the mind is by making encoded treasures inside our server, which our citizens can try and solve at any time. They vary on difficulty and the reward that is given out:
  • Novice- 20 $SRAY
  • Apprentice - 30 $SRAY
  • Scholar - 50 $SRAY
  • Master - 100 $SRAY
When the treasure gets solved, $SRAY gets automatically added to winner's account and the treasure is considered solved - nobody else can solve it again.

Unite Raids

Raids are a way for our community to get together, unite our voices and spread the word about Zen Republic, being rewarded in the process. Every day, we have at least one of each of the following raids:
Support Raid: Supporting our own tweets from on twitter. All support from these posts rewards you with 15 $SRAY
Random Raid: raiding absolutely any post with no context, and trying to come up with funny comments. 10 $SRAYwith additional roll of a Hexa Solid if the comment was determined to be witty by the person giving out rewards.
Attention Raid: Uniting for a cause to spread the word about our metasystem, through NFT influencers posts, official shills or anything similiar, granting 10 $SRAY for participation.
Citizens can help us find posts to raid for attention by simply finding a post they think might be raidable (fitting to our project, maximum a couple hours old) and just tagging us in that post. If we find this to be a good raid opportunity, we will make it an official Attention Raid, and you will receive 50 $SRAY as a reward. Attention raids are limited to 3 a day, so that we don't spam too much!