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Learn about Solar Panel and its importance to Zen Republic
Solar Panel is the web3 companion for crypto transactions and other interactions between planets of Zen Republic and even other distant Metasystems. Solar Panel exists in two forms: as a custom Discord bot and a Web browser dapp.


Our discord server relies heavily on Solar Panel custom crypto bot to gamify our community and enrich it with MMORPG-like experience through interactive elements and slash commands. Current features include:
  • Syncing Solana wallet with Discord account
  • Automated whitelisting system
  • Inflationary currency in $SRAY
  • Fountain which takes $SRAYas offering and gives out prizes
  • Daily Meditation for NFT holders to earn $SRAY
  • Rain Dance Parties with $SOL prizes
  • Buying NFTs directly from discord using Blessings
  • Generative adventure minigame Ruby Explore
  • And much more...


We are actively developing a browser dApp Solar Panel, built on Unity game engine, which allows citizens to login with their Solana wallets, check their Zen Republic NFTs, buy, sell or trade items, play games and more, all in a much more visual way! Try it out here: https://zenrepublic.github.io/Solar-Panel/
iOS and Android support coming soon!