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The Foundation

It is the most important, but also the most relaxed part on the whole planet. On one hand they are the main producers of food. On the other - mini parks let them relax on open fields grass.


The Foundation does not have any heavy industry and relies only on it's food production for income. Plants are mostly produced on hydroponic farms. Plants are placed in little pots of water and fed rich minerals that are mined straight from under the farms. The technology is so efficient that the surplus fruits are sent straight to Soda factories.


Locals are the most down to earth people you can meet. They usually dress in functional but loose clothes with badges that show which farms they work at. It's not because of regulations, there aren't a lot of them in the whole Ruby planet, but to make AI’s job easier. Some AI codes have problems with face recognition.
AI or artificial intelligence workers are used throughout the Ruby planet. The Foundation is no exception. Vast self-driving containers, ripe fruit selectors and even the nano aqua mineral feeders help the Rubians in city 1. Despite that, Foundation inhabitants still like to do most of the farming themselves. As an old Rubian saying says “Manual labor is a free exercise, but a good party needs work”
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